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“A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give.”  -Laurel Atherton

It’s incredible how much we love these little babies after only a few days in this world. Such unconditional crazy overwhelming love. It’s impossible to truly express in words, but I think these portraits say it all…

We understand that it’s tempting to skip newborn portraits when you’re all sleep deprived and none of your clothing fits well. It’s just too much to think about when every thought is consumed by feeding schedules, naps, and endless diaper changes. We have designed our studio and in-home newborn shoots specifically to the needs of new parents. Our clients don’t have to worry about a thing besides showing up. We believe this stage of life is SO precious, and there’s nothing that makes us happier than capturing these special memories as stunning works of art to be enjoyed for generations.

With every image that we create, our hope is to bring families back to these precious moments. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed for your newborn photoshoot.  We strive to create an experience where everything else fades away, and all that families remember is the incredible love for their bundle of joy. We hope that you’re able to feel those emotions every time you walk by your breathtaking portraits displayed on the walls of your home.

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artistic editing of newborn portraits

As portrait photographers, our passion is creating beautiful custom imagery that will be
treasured by your family for generations. As parents, we want you to remember your newborn
as being tiny, adorable, and perfect in every way. This is your sweet angel, your bundle of joy
and happiness that you’ve anxiously waited for months to cuddle.

As you can see in the before & after sample below, our style of artistic editing is natural, soft and dreamy.
After color correcting for the perfect skin tones, we carefully minimize temporary elements that are distracting
from the overall appeal of an image to enhance the natural beauty. For example, newborn rashes,
skin discolorations, bruises, diaper marks, eye crust, dried milk around the mouth, or patches of dark hair
on the back and shoulders. These are all conditions that will fade away naturally within a few weeks.

Every baby is unique, and that’s what we strive to capture with my portraiture. We want you to be able to
enlarge every image from your gallery as a 40×60 work of art to be displayed proudly in your home.
Of course NYC wall space is limited, but a photographer can dream!Newborn Photographer Natural Editing

newborn home photoshoot editing

sweet snuggles

The first few weeks with a new baby can feel exhausting. The sleepless nights and endless cuddles. The hours of crying but also the fleeting little giggles and smiles. It feels like you’ll never get a full night of sleep again, and you wonder how in the world you’re surviving on fumes. That’s one of the reasons we love studio newborn sessions, so you’ll have a place to get away from the chaos for a moment and soak in all of the good parts of this special time in your life. They’re only little once, and we’re here to help you remember every sweet detail. The cuddles, coos, and newborn kisses.

It’s amazing how quickly babies grow and change until it’s hard to imagine how they could have ever fit so perfectly curled up asleep on your chest. But every time you see a photograph, it takes you right back to that moment.

These little details fade so quickly from memory. We want you to savor all these magical moments with your newborn as custom portrait photography.

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mini mohawk

Newborn sessions hold a special place in our heart. The ridiculous amount of love and happiness that fills the home always brings back a flood of memories of our own special time. There’s nothing more exciting than a brand new bundle of joy, and despite the lack of sleep and endless diaper changes for baby,
everyone just can’t stop smiling and laughing. Our cheeks generally hurt by the time we leave the session, and then it starts all over again as we’re curating the images to share with clients.

That perfect mini mohawk, little button nose and newborn wrinkles are the best part of your new baby, but they only last those first few weeks. With all the sleepless nights, seemingly endless feedings and diaper changes, those sweet details can go by so quickly. We love to capture those precious beginnings for you to cherish forever. As a full service luxury boutique family portrait studio, we will spend time with you during a consultation to learn all of your desires for your session.  We will also discuss creative ways in which to display the beautiful artwork in your home, whether it be as floating metal art, handcrafted album or showcase box of matted fine art prints.  The possibilities are truly endless!

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