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soft and sweet newborn portraits

We love capturing your baby’s first days of life in a creative and unique way. There’s truly nothing more precious than newborn photography, and we know the importance of preserving your family’s most important moments. We pride ourselves on providing a wonderful experience and creating timeless works of art that celebrate your family and the beautiful life you’ve created.

The first days with your newborn are truly magical.  Despite the sleepless nights and endless diaper changes, the beauty and joyful emotions of this special time deserve to be captured as timeless works of art.  We use our expertise in posing, styling, artful lighting and editing to bring out the best in your baby and family portraits.  A newborn session should hopefully be a welcome break from one of the busiest times in your life. We’ll provide all the lighting, blankets, wraps and accessories for posed portraits of your little one. We take our time to ensure that baby is safe and comfortable, with plenty of snack breaks whenever necessary.  We’ll also capture some intimate family portraits to celebrate your new addition.  We love getting to know each of our clients, and creating custom portraits that will be treasured forever!

nyc premier newborn photographer Manhattan studionyc premier newborn photographer studio

NYC Luxury Maternity and Newborn Studio
glow portraits® is available for maternity photography and newborn portraits in NYC, Westchester and Long Island. We also have clients come from New Jersey and Connecticut for our photography experience and high quality of family portraits. Our fine art portrait studio is located in Midtown Manhattan, right in the heart of NYC. Our signature style is soft, simple, and pure. We love to capture the sweet expressions, tiny details, and breathtaking emotions of this beautiful journey into motherhood. We have years of experience in handling and soothing newborns, so brand new parents can rest assured that they are in good hands. With our expertise in artful lighting and editing, we are dedicated to producing beautifully styled images and heirloom artwork to preserve this precious time in your family’s life. As your babies grow in the blink of an eye, this is your chance to embrace these special moments that will bring you joy and lasting memories. Our calendar books months in advance, although we always try our best to allow flexibility for last-minute maternity portraits reservations and newborn photography bookings. We look forward to hearing from you, and creating one-of-a-kind works of art that will be cherished forever! Please reach us at our Midtown Manhattan Studio: 212.868.1076.

beauty portraits are for all women!

Beauty photography is more than just sensual and inspiring photos of yourself. It’s a life-changing experience that teaches you to love the skin you’re in and embrace it. Boudoir photos are exciting! You get to dress up (dress down), get your hair and makeup done, wear the sexiest clothes, and rock out your session. It’s the moment you rediscover how lovely you are, inside and out. If you’re tired of hiding in the shadows and not living life to the fullest, this could be your first step towards breaking out of that. It’s time to manifest your sexy side!

There are so many occasions to treat yourself to a boudoir session.  As NYC’s premiere portrait photography studio, we specialize in capturing your most gorgeous self as exquisite works of art.  Please contact the studio at 212.868.1076 to schedule your own custom photoshoot, and we can discuss the vision for your portraits. We can’t wait to capture your beauty!

P.S.  We have the utmost respect for our clients’ privacy with their intimate nude photography. The images below have been shared with consent.

nyc premier boudoir photographer studio

nyc luxury boudoir photography studio  


the beauty of couples maternity photography

Two of the most beautiful souls will soon be welcoming a baby girl into this world. We were honored to capture this maternity session as they prepare to meet their bundle of joy later this winter. Thank you so much for allowing us to freeze this precious time in your lives, and all the love that you already share for your bundle of joy. We hope that every time you look at these portraits, you’ll be taken back to a time of overwhelming happiness and excitement.

We captured so many gorgeous concepts during our time together, but here’s just a few of our favorites!
premier nyc maternity photographer studionyc westchester newborn baby photographer studioluxury maternity photography studio nyc manhattan

Modern Maternity & Newborn Portrait Studio
glow portraits® is a NYC boutique portrait studio specializing in timeless maternity and newborn photography.  Conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, the portrait studio attracts clients from Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, and the surrounding areas.  You’re welcome to browse additional samples of our pregnancy photography and baby portraits in the maternity gallery and newborn gallery.

At glow portraits®, we have years of experience in capturing maternity photography and newborn photography. We specialize in artistic lighting, tasteful posing, and artistic cropping to ensure you look your best.  We recommend professional make-up and hair styling to ensure a timeless look for your portraits. Natural make-up, fake lashes, and soft curls are generally preferred among our clients. Our signature style of post-processing includes tasteful smoothing of skin and body contours to put the finishing touches on your portraits. 

The best time to capture your maternity photos is 32 – 36 weeks into your pregnancy. Your belly is beautifully round, but you are still feeling comfortable for kneeling and lying down poses. We offer a wardrobe of fitted maternity gowns, silk fabrics, lace robes, and crop tops for a variety of beautiful concepts.  You can view styles featured in our portfolio.  Clients are also welcome to bring their own lingerie and styles if they have a particular concept in mind. As you’ll see in our portfolio, we love to get creative!

As NYC’s premiere portrait photographer, we would love to photograph your pregnancy as exquisite works of art.  If you’d like to book your own nyc maternity photography session, please contact the Manhattan NYC portrait studio at 212.868.1076.  We look forward to capturing these precious memories for your family!

artistic editing of newborn portraits

As portrait photographers, our passion is creating beautiful custom imagery that will be
treasured by your family for generations. As parents, we want you to remember your newborn
as being tiny, adorable, and perfect in every way. This is your sweet angel, your bundle of joy
and happiness that you’ve anxiously waited for months to cuddle.

As you can see in the before & after sample below, our style of artistic editing is natural, soft and dreamy.
After color correcting for the perfect skin tones, we carefully minimize temporary elements that are distracting
from the overall appeal of an image to enhance the natural beauty. For example, newborn rashes,
skin discolorations, bruises, diaper marks, eye crust, dried milk around the mouth, or patches of dark hair
on the back and shoulders. These are all conditions that will fade away naturally within a few weeks.

Every baby is unique, and that’s what we strive to capture with my portraiture. We want you to be able to
enlarge every image from your gallery as a 40×60 work of art to be displayed proudly in your home.
Of course NYC wall space is limited, but a photographer can dream!Newborn Photographer Natural Editing

newborn home photoshoot editing

newborn portraits showcase sweet snuggles

The first few weeks with a new baby can feel exhausting. The sleepless nights and endless cuddles. The hours of crying but also the fleeting little giggles and smiles. It feels like you’ll never get a full night of sleep again, and you wonder how in the world you’re surviving on fumes. That’s one of the reasons we love studio newborn sessions, so you’ll have a place to get away from the chaos for a moment and soak in all of the good parts of this special time in your life. They’re only little once, and we’re here to help you remember every sweet detail. The cuddles, coos, and newborn kisses.

It’s amazing how quickly babies grow and change until it’s hard to imagine how they could have ever fit so perfectly curled up asleep on your chest. But every time you see a photograph, it takes you right back to that moment. These little details fade so quickly from memory. We want you to savor all these magical moments with your newborn as custom portrait photography.

newborn family home photoshoot photographer

Using a natural palette and beautiful light allows us to capture your sweet bundle of joy as breathtaking works of art. We love to focus on the pure beauty of your little angel. Our signature style is soft, simple, and pure. We love to capture the sweet expressions, tiny details, and tender emotions of this special time.

Welcoming a newborn baby is the most special time in a family’s life, and a professional photo shoot is a wonderful way to preserve these memories forever and ever. Our cozy Midtown studio offers a variety of soft blankets, cozy wraps, and knit accessories. Our years of experience in handling and soothing newborns ensures that brand new parents can relax and enjoy the experience. With our expertise in artful lighting and editing, we are dedicated to producing heirloom artwork to be enjoyed for generations.

Capturing your bundle of joy within the first two weeks of life can make all the difference in your newborn portraits. During this time, babies sleep deeply and curl up naturally into those adorable womblike poses.  Since birthdays are unpredictable, we reserve only a limited number of sessions per month based on your due date.  We simply ask that you contact our Manhattan studio as soon as possible after the birth, so we can offer a selection of appointments to accommodate your family.  Preemies are sometimes postponed till any concerns about health and birth weight have been taken into consideration.  Every case is unique, so please call us at the studio to discuss once your tiny miracle has arrived.

A newborn photography session wis a wonderful way to capture this momentous life-changing event.  Our specialty is creating timeless, beautiful portraits that capture the sweetness of this fleeting time.  We believe in authentic, natural photography to preserve these meaningful memories in your life.  Your baby will only be that tiny for a few short weeks, and you’ll want to remember how she looked when you first met her.  You’ll want to capture how perfectly she fits in your arms, your intense emotions, and the way you gazed at her in complete wonder and adoration.

We’ll start with portraits of your baby in adorable curled-up poses on different blankets.  We use knit accessories and wraps to add variety, while keeping the focus on the beauty of your tiny bundle of joy. Afterwards, we’ll capture some intimate concepts and cuddles together with Mommy and Daddy.   Our clients generally purchase prints, wall art, and handmade albums to display their gorgeous newborn and family portraits.


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