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All You Need To Know About Maternity Photography In 2024

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is such an amazing and memorable time in your life, and what better way to preserve it than through maternity photography! We encourage you to capture these fleeting moments of beauty and femininity.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of maternity photography and see how it has evolved over the years. We’ll discuss the latest trends and share tips on making your New York City photoshoot magical and memorable. Use this as a guide in helping you choose the perfect photographer, and learn about the benefits that only a professional photo studio can offer.

The State Of Maternity Photography in 2024

Like all trends, what was once popular a few years back is no longer trendy, and something new has taken over. When it comes to pregnancy photography in 2024, we are seeing a more casual approach in fashion choices and a lot more lifestyle concepts.

Ethereal themes are another up-and-coming style in pregnancy photoshoots. This includes loose, flowing dresses, beautifully handcrafted flower crowns, and abstract backdrops.

Another popular choice amongst prenatal clients is their preference of studio sessions over outdoor environments. When compared to outdoor settings, photo studios offer a number of benefits. As one of the most celebrated New York City photographers, our space is climate-controlled, offering an escape from the hot-and-humid streets of Manhattan. This allows us to have full control over your appearance and comfort.

Interior of a NYC photography studio, showing a white seamless backdrop, and a variety of flash strobes mounted on stands.

Current Maternity Trends

Breathtaking Studio Locations
Don’t live in or around NYC? Many of our clients make it a destination instead! What better way to pamper yourself than a weekend trip to the greatest city in the world. And while you’re here, make it a date night as well. Comedy clubs, Broadway shows, and some of the finest dining will make for a perfect evening on the town.

Make-up and hair styling table at a photography studio. Adjacent stands a wardrobe rack with an assortment of maternity dresses.

Our photo studio offers a warm and inviting reception area. Let your partner relax while you get your hair and make-up done in our dedicated beauty station! With a broad assortment of garments, and accessories like hats and jewelry to choose from, we’ll make sure your photos embody your vision and your style.

You can choose casual outfits that match your spouse and children, or find form-fitting attire to show off those stunning curves. As for hair and makeup, you’ll see a lot of simpler looks that maintain natural beauty. This is the perfect time to flaunt the trendy unbuttoned jeans and white bralette to show that perfectly rounded baby bump!

Silhouettes emphasize the shape of your body. Pregnancy changes you in incredible ways, and this is your chance to show off every soft curve and womanly feature. These photos celebrate the beauty and strength of your pregnant body, capturing a moment you’ll want to remember forever.
Silhouette lighting favors loose, draping fabrics or snug, fitted outfits. Many of these photos are beautifully edited into black and white, but you can go in any direction to match your style and personality.

Silhouette of a pregnant woman. Her belly is tastefully lit, showing a crescent shape. Her eyes are closed and her expression is calm.

Choosing The Right New York City Maternity Photographer

Choosing the right professional for the job may seem like a challenging task. However, by asking yourself a few questions and doing some research, you can make an informed decision that isn’t solely based on pricing.

Determine your budget early on and do your research when it comes to any New York City photographer. Determine the value you get by asking them the following questions:
Do you have a dedicate indoor studio space?
If you only shoot outdoors, how do you deal with wind, heat and humidity?
How do you accommodate make-up and wardrobe changes when shooting outdoors?
How many years of experience do you have?
May I see a sample gallery from a single photo session?

That last question is especially important. While a photographer’s portfolio will features their best work, getting a peek at a sample session will let you get a better sense of what you can expect from your own photo session.

All professional New York City photographers will have a portfolio showcase. This can be a website, or just an Instagram page. Here is where you can gauge their style of photography. A photographer cannot change their style to fit your needs, so be sure that who you choose has the aesthetic you desire for your pregnancy photos.

A professional photo of a pregnant woman wearing a long flowing fabric while sitting on a chair. The photo is tastefully lit by a maternity photographer.

Studio Location
If you want your pregnancy shoot to occur in a studio setting, we recommend you opt for a photographer who has one. These photographers have the lighting, wind machines, wardrobes, and make-up tables to accommodate your every need. The final product is a polished work of art worth hanging on the wall.

The Benefits of a Studio Location
Studio locations come with some amazing benefits. Not only is the photographer comfortable with their setting, but you will also enjoy an air-conditioned environment, with plenty of places to sit and rest when needed. Many studios will additionally have a team of make-up artists and hair-stylists to ensure no detail goes overlooked.

Some photo studios even have their own beauty team on standby, ready to doll you up and offer the most beautiful pregnancy shots. This allows you to embrace your femininity, hold an award-winning photography session, and ultimately end up with photos you will cherish forever.

Make-up and hair styling table at a photography studio. Adjacent stands a wardrobe rack with an assortment of maternity dresses.

The Importance Of Reviews
Everyone values someone’s opinion when it comes to a professional service. It’s the easiest way to see if this photographer is worth the time and money. But what exactly do you look for when scrolling through reviews?

It’s a good idea to read the subject of each review. If the subject focuses on headshot photography, the photographer may not have the skills needed for pregnancy photoshoots. It’s essential to choose a photographer who has experience and a solid track record in the type of photography you seek.

Choose Experience
When searching for a professional prenatal photographer, you’ll want to pay attention to how far back their reviews go. Photographing a pregnant body requires an uncanny attention to details. The artist must have full command of lighting modifiers in order to properly illuminate the parts of their subject that matter most.

Lighting, angles, and poses make all the difference, and recognizing this shows you’re dealing with a skilled photographer. To ensure they have the right experience, take a deep dive into their reviews and see how far back they go. This will help you determine whether the photographer is a seasoned veteran, or a beginner exploring a new niche.

Garment rack showcasing a wide assortment of pregnancy dresses in a broad range of colors and textures.

The Importance of a Maternity Portfolio

A tell-tale sign you have found a professional maternity photographer is when they have full-session pregnancy shoots included within their portfolio. Not only can you see if their photography skills are up to par, but you can determine if their style aligns with your aesthetic.

Most professionals will put their best foot forward and show the most stunning photographs to highlight their trade. By looking at individual photo sessions, you can get a better grasp of their consistency, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Making The Day Special and One to Remember

Now that your photos have been taken, and your hair and makeup professionally done, it’s time for a night out! After your maternity photoshoot, take some time to explore the city! Hit up your favorite restaurant, or catch that show you and your partner have been wanting to see. This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the day, and make it one to remember.

Once your baby comes, it may be challenging to find a way to plan those oh-so-important date nights with your spouse. So take this time and treat yourself.

It’s also a wonderful opportunity to embrace these last moments of pregnancy and the final moments of being just a couple, as in a short time, you’ll be welcoming your new baby into the world.

Reception area of a photography studio. A black leather couch with a glass coffee table dominates the scene. The walls are painted black and feature a variety of maternity, newborn, and baby photographs tastefully framed.

Wrapping Up All You Need to Know About Maternity Photography

Maternity photography in 2024 is all about studio locations, casual to form-fitting clothing, and natural, lightly styled hair and makeup. You can also take on a more everyday feel with hand-crafted flower crowns and long, flowing dresses and skirts.

Be sure to read through their reviews carefully, and look at full-session samples. Find a photographer who can capture the style you are looking for.

If you have any questions about maternity photography, please contact us. We can answer your questions and show you samples of our full maternity sessions to see if they align with your vision.


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