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5 reasons why every expectant mom should do a maternity photo shoot


Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but it doesn’t always feel that way. While you may be lucky enough to enjoy some perks, like glowing skin, luxurious locks, and a cute baby bump, you’re also going to see the downsides of pregnancy – swollen ankles, newfound tiger stripes, and a rollercoaster of mood swings.  Sounds fun, right? Since expectant moms often aren’t looking or feeling their best, they may question whether they should take maternity photos at all. As they scroll through Instagram, they can feel huge, especially as they compare themselves to that perfect-looking Insta-mama.  She walks ten miles every day and brags about it in her stories, so it’s hard not to feel inferior as you polish off that sleeve of Oreos.

If you don’t feel like you’re rocking this whole pregnancy thing, you should still have maternity photos taken. Even though pregnancy can have its less-than-enjoyable moments, your body is doing an incredibly beautiful thing. You’ll never regret documenting this change with maternity photos.  Here are five good reasons why every mama-to-be should schedule a maternity photo session.

Pregnant woman taking a selfie in her bedroom


From the moment you see those two parallel lines on a pregnancy test, you start dreaming about the day you’ll get to hold your newborn in your arms. At first, it feels like time is inching by, and you find yourself saying things like “I am so tired of being pregnant.”

You’ve probably complained about your aching back, sleepless nights, and frequent heartburn to all your friends and family. “There is no way I’m going to miss this,” you state matter-of-factly while sweating buckets on a relatively cool day.

But as time goes on, you’re going to miss that bump!  It won’t be at first, but as the months pass and your baby starts to crawl, you’ll scroll through your monthly pregnancy photos on your phone while absentmindedly rubbing your belly.

You may find yourself uttering those words you never thought you would: “I miss being pregnant.”

The truth is, while pregnancy is hard, there is something simultaneously magical about it. You’re growing a new life, and you’re the only one your child is depending on. You feel their every hiccup, every kick, and every headbutt to your ribs. You’re completely connected.

Once it’s over and done with, you’ll find yourself wandering down nostalgia lane and remembering all those baby kicks (and the ability to eat whatever you wanted guilt-free). So, it’s especially important to capture these moments because you won’t be pregnant forever, and your pregnancy will fly by quicker than you anticipated.

Having maternity photos to look back on will be a standing reminder of that magical time when new life was gestating inside your belly. When you see those beautiful pictures of yourself, you will always smile.



Pregnant woman in a black bodysuit posing for a maternity photo


You’ve probably heard the phrases “You’re glowing!” or “Pregnancy suits you!” from various people throughout your pregnancy.  Between the cankles, the urge to eat everything in sight, and the fact that none of your clothes fit anymore, pregnancy doesn’t always make you feel beautiful.

In fact, most women experience a decline in self-confidence as their pregnancy progresses.  Your ever-expanding tummy may seem like the perfect excuse to avoid taking photos for a solid nine months, but it’s just the opposite!

You see, at the end of the day you come to realize the beautiful truth – you’re growing a human being – and that is enough of a reason to celebrate!  Dressing up in a way that accentuates your bump, putting on some makeup, and pampering yourself (hello, pedicure!) for a photography session may be just what the doctor ordered for a case of the pregnancy blues.

When you see your pictures after the shoot, you may be surprised at just how beautiful you look.



Lifestyle image of a pregnant couple hugging


Being pregnant can sometimes cause tension in a relationship, due to mood swings and the anticipated change in lifestyle. The financial pressure can intensify that stress. What you need is a way to keep your eyes on the bigger picture, not just focus on the hardships you’re currently experiencing.

Taking maternity photos together with your partner is a great way to strengthen your bond and celebrate the new life you’re bringing into this world. It’s that final chance to document how your dynamics are changing – you’re morphing from a couple into a family.

Many fathers experience a delay in bonding with their child when they’re in utero. They don’t experience pregnancy in the same way as their spouse, so it can be harder for them to build the attachment to their infant until it is born.

They often don’t build a connection to their newborn until they’re able to interact with it. That’s completely different from mothers – they often experience a deep attachment to the baby while pregnant.

Taking maternity photos can help new fathers develop a strong emotional bond with their growing baby. Helping your spouse bond with your infant will also help you both re-establish your connection.

If this isn’t your first kid, you can bring along your older child to the maternity shoot as well.  Many older siblings find it challenging at first to adjust to a new baby in the family. Taking pictures with their pregnant mommy can help them understand that a new person is coming and even get them excited about the baby’s arrival!



Silhouette of a pregnant woman on black


A professional photo studio specializing in maternity portraits has an array of lighting modifiers available at its disposal. These modifiers allow the photographer to illuminate as much or as little of you as you want.

While many women choose to celebrate the changes their body undergoes during pregnancy and document them in photographs; other women are more conservative.  An experienced maternity photographer will work with you to understand your needs and your level of comfort.

One of the popular trends these days in maternity photography involves flowing fabrics that tastefully cover parts of your body while revealing the rest.  As you browse Instagram and look at some prospective portrait studios in your area, take screenshots of the photos that appeal to you.

These visual cues will help your photographer better understand the look you want.  In the end, it’s about making you comfortable and happy with your pictures.



Mother looking at an album with her children


From the day your infant is placed in your arms, time starts to go by fast!

One minute a nurse is teaching you how to swaddle, and the next, you’re chasing a toddler through the aisles at Target.

You’re going to miss the calm days of pregnancy where you didn’t have to keep tabs on the diaper bag or wipes every time you head to the store. You’ll miss that your baby bump couldn’t talk back to you when you get into an argument with your toddler over whether they should eat a popsicle for every meal.

As your child grows, you will probably find yourself reminiscing about your pregnancy days and how quiet the house was. You’ll love reflecting on how you had such a tiny human growing inside you, and your maternity photos will be a wonderful reminder of a time long gone.

Your children will enjoy seeing these pictures when they’re older, too. They’ll absolutely love seeing how gorgeous theirmama was when you were pregnant with them.

They won’t notice those few extra pounds and the bags under your eyes from your lack of sleep. They’ll focus on something more important than that – the love in your eyes and the joy that was radiating from you.



Collage of photos on the wall


Scheduling a maternity photo session should be on every mommy-to-be’s checklist.

By having maternity photos taken, you’re giving your child a glimpse of a world they’ll never be able to see for themselves – the time their parents spent as a couple before they entered the picture. They’ll have physical proof of how excited you were to meet them.

As hard as it might be to envision now, time passes quickly. It won’t be long before your child may be showing these pictures to their own child. Your grandchild who might only know you as the gray-haired grandma who is always quick to offer a hug and a cookie will have the opportunity to see you in another light.

That’s a tremendous gift to give your child and the children who come into your family after them. And it’s a great present to yourself and your spouse as well. It’s something the whole family will cherish forever.



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