sweet snuggles

The first few weeks with a new baby can feel exhausting. The sleepless nights and endless cuddles. The hours of crying but also the fleeting little giggles and smiles. It feels like you’ll never get a full night of sleep again, and you wonder how in the world you’re surviving on fumes. That’s one of the reasons we love studio newborn sessions, so you’ll have a place to get away from the chaos for a moment and soak in all of the good parts of this special time in your life. They’re only little once, and we’re here to help you remember every sweet detail. The cuddles, coos, and newborn kisses.

It’s amazing how quickly babies grow and change until it’s hard to imagine how they could have ever fit so perfectly curled up asleep on your chest. But every time you see a photograph, it takes you right back to that moment.

These little details fade so quickly from memory. We want you to savor all these magical moments with your newborn as custom portrait photography.

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